About Us

Maggie Gue//Founder
Made in Ohio//Stayed in Ohio
Wifey to Sam//Mom to Maddox (9), Roxy (7), Jetta (5) & Crimson (3)
Dig fashion & interior design//Love to get my sweat on
Save Your Seat//How it all began...
In 2011, I gave birth to child number three, I also had a son who got carsick & a daughter who was potty training!  It quickly became impossible to keep three car seats clean, much less the four car seats in our SUV today!  I knew I needed a solution!  A failed google attempt for disposable covers turned into Save Your Seat disposable covers! 
Here's to hoping our covers can make your life a bit easier & saner!  Momming is hard!  You're a ROCKSTAR, momma, remember that!  Save Your Seat. Save Your Sanity.
-xoxo, Maggie